Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Jots and tittles

Catching up on the seventh season of Dexter. He's a fine looking man, Mr. Hall, head to toe. Although he could use a shorter haircut. And he's a serial killer to boot. When he feels stressed, he says, "I really need to kill someone." What's not to like?

But episode 6 was kinda creepy. Instead of killing a woman on his table, he changes his mind at the last  minute, cuts her loose and they have sex on it. Yow.

A Black sportswriter followed up Bob Costas' anti-gun rant with one of his own. Called the NRA "the new KKK." Ever notice how, the farther away we move in time and effect from things like slavery, Jim Crow, the KKK, etc. the louder the Blacks shout about them? Maybe trying to divert attention from the fact that as those things fade away into history, they are still a dysfunctional mess? Blaming someone else, as always.

As the Bishop of Portland reminded me, the Pope is now on Twitter, @Pontifex. Well, at least this is a medium where the Pontiff has to pontificate in only 140 characters.

Jot and tittle, by the way, is Matthew 5:18. It means a small letter and a letter ornament stroke in Hebrew. Hence, a very tiny detail.

A community college in Ohio has declared that Men Working signs are sexist and should be taken down. Puritans everywhere.


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