Monday, December 03, 2012

Accommodating ourselves to death

I stumbled onto an opinion column in The Washington Times. The writer holds that the US is on a path to national suicide. Not a lone voice these days. The column, apparently a regular or periodic one, is called Biblical Politics. The author's sense of the country's crisis is not unique, but he references Biblical texts while making his case. (Not unlike those Lefty darlings, the Nuns On The Bus).

One commentor, a Mr. Peskyvitae, put off by "the religiosity", lectured the writer of this clearly titled opinion piece on limiting himself to "those whom he bonds with over Christ", because "Americans of all faiths" want to save the country.

Here a minority voice, in the name of inclusion, or equality, or sensitivity, --that unholy trinity--demands that the majority voice, well, shut the hell up. Accomodation of the few through the self-erasure of the many. No matter that over 80% of America describes itself as Christian, Mr. Peskyvitae righteously and indignantly decides that because not all of America is Christian, that Christians should take their exclusivist "religiosity" --never a term of respect-- and stuff it.

What do you think the odds are that if the writer were speaking as an "African-American", or a Muslim, or a woman, that Mr. Peskyvitae would be scolding like that? Any bets?

This is just one small example of a dynamic that has been played out countless times in the last half century over matters of religion, race, sex, etc. It's what the various anti-"privilege" movements are about. It's why, in a hugely majority Christian country, it is now a matter of serious contention as to the morality of greeting your neighbors at this time of year with a "Merry Christmas".

Under the Liberal ethos, every single accommodation to any group which has cried out in anguish over its exclusion or discrimination or oppression or invisibility or demonization or second-class citizenship, etc. has required that the traditionally successful majority silence itself and cede turf to the complainant, effectively erasing itself. This process will continue indefinitely.

Underneath the appeals for equality, sensitivity, or inclusion, the message at the bottom of all these Progressive movements to all the oppressor groups it loathes is really this: Shut up. You have no right to exist.


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