Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Liberal shibboleths

Media freaks out over Rubio’s remarks on age of the Earth | The Daily Caller:

Marco Rubio declined to say how old the earth is. Panic ensues.

When BO was asked when human life began, he opted for that being "above my pay grade."
No fainting with the vapors from the Left at that one.

But now NYT Krugman declares that Republicans don't want to repeal the New Deal,
but the Enlightenment, too.

Not a bad idea, in some ways. If the Enlightenment eventually gave us a Krugman, it couldn't
be all good.

And as Ex Cathedra has noted, the same dogmatic liberals who demand adherence to the religion of Darwin when it comes to geology blithely ignore him when it comes to humanity.

PS If you're curious about shibboleth, here's the story.

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