Monday, November 12, 2012

Clever, these Chinese

A commentor elsewhere points out that the Republican candidate could not even make a dent in the Asian vote. If these smart, hardworking, family-centered and hypersuccessful people cannot see beyond anti-White racism and vote for Republicans, how in hell can the GOP/RIP imagine they could hook the Hispanics, who are collectivist under-achievers to the core?

The country is in the worst shape since the Depression of the 30s and Romney couldn't even carry the Cubans in Florida.

Republicans could --as they seem inclined to do, even Sean Hannity!-- cave on "a path to citizenship" for the 12 million Hispanic invaders. What on God's earth make them think that these Brownies will suddenly turn to them with their votes? And of course, once we have "comprehensive immigration reform", the flood of UnWhites into American will stop, right?


The only groups in America that consistently split their votes in anything less than the 70/30 style of  the POC bloc --Blacks (93/7!), Hispanics (71/29), Asians 73!/27)-- and the tribals --Jews (70/30), gays (75/25)-- are Whites (40/60) and women (55/45 as a whole, singles strongly for Dems, marrieds strongly for Republicans).*

Whites elected Barack Obama. We are still more than 70% of the voting population. Were we not so uniquely split, but voted --like everyone else!!!-- as a race block, we could dominate Federal politics.

Consequently, we remain The Most Foolish People On Earth.


A comment from FB friend Nathan reminded me of an apt malapropism I came across not too long ago. Someone conflated the two phrases, "white elephant"...a property costing more than its worth...and "the elephant in the room"...a dominant but taboo subject everyone is aware of but is not suppose to speak about..into "the white elephant in the room". Good description of the Republican Party: The White Elephant In The Room.

*I am leaving out other demographics: age groups, city vs rural, etc. Although not unimportant --the dominance of big cities especially-- these don't fit my point.

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