Thursday, November 22, 2012

A review I wish I'd written

On Netflix, for (1953) Phantom From Space.
I was awake through the whole thing and yet I remember nothing. If you tied me up and threatened to inject me with carbolic acid, I honestly couldn't tell you what happened in this film. A very curious sensation. I mean, it couldn't have been that bad, because I remember bad, I like bad. Bad movies are my thing, really. And it certainly couldn't have been good. Oh no. Clearly there was a Phantom, and the Phantom was from space. That much is in the title. Beyond that, you're on your own.

I'm still laughing.

And, of course, Ex Cathedra notices star Ted Cooper, typical post-war American guy. (Great voice, btw.)

AND, how "Barbara", the only female in the movie, the scientist's lab assistant, bosses her Clark Kentish husband around, first sending him to do the groceries while she works with the Doc, and then forbidding him to break down the door where she's trapped with the Phantom, sending him off to get more help. Even in 1953.

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