Friday, November 16, 2012

Writing books on the Titanic

Enjoyed very much an Uncommon Knowledge video with Antonin Scalia.

He's pretty clear that if a constitution is always evolving, it's not a constitution, just whatever judges and society thinks is a good idea this afternoon. For that, he says, we have legislature and ballot boxes.

A very amusing man. Clear, and smart.

Liked it so much I watched this, too.

But just because you have better arguments does not at all mean that you will win the game. He seems to know that.

PS. Reminds me of a date I had several years ago, with a mid's 6o's aged "civil rights" lawyer, and a Buddhist...who had just had plastic surgery to make himself look younger. Ok, great start. When the issue of constitutional interpretation came up --doesn't that come up during all dates?-- and I expressed a legal layman's preference for original meaning, he gestured toward me in a strangling motion. And then was somewhat surprised when I declined to go out with him again.

California in a nutshell.


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