Wednesday, November 21, 2012

At the corner of Naked and Dancing

Somewhat cheered on this gorgeous San Francisco afternoon by the news that the City has decided to make the local nudies cover their "junk", as the very odd recent lingo goes, I walked home from the gym, arrived at my corner and discovered two healthy young naked males, one wearing only shoes and an accordion, the other sneakers and a large tambour, dancing for money to music that sounded somewhere between Klezmer and Inca.

Speaking of nudies, I am saddened that no one in the press has challenged the local Men Without Clothes for their racism. They are an un-diverse Whites-only group, like the Tea Party without nickers. White privilege shows itself in the oddest places.

The struggle continues.



Rolando P. Zambezi said...

Back in the days of yore (not mine), a man on the corner with an accordion would have been accompanied by a nicely dressed chimpanzee with a tambourine. Would Mr. exCathedra have preferred that?

I'm only curious.

PNWReader said...

there's a spatchcocking joke in here somewhere.

OreamnosAmericanus said...

Hey, spatchcocking is a serious matter!

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