Monday, November 19, 2012


Got a laugh out of the category description of this flick on its bootleg website.

Genres: Disaster / Drama / Gay and lesbian


Actually, I really liked this 2010 movie. It surprised me. Four and a half encounters in a run-down labyrinthine apartment building on a rainy night. I was touched, moved even. And the lead actor, theatre-trained Ben Bonenfant, well he can act. And he's not alone. Turns out The Older Man is a guy I've seen at my gym. It's gritty, sometimes disturbing, sometimes sweet, sad, funny. Different, and recognizably true, aspects of what man-with-man sex can mean. As gay films go, it's one of those rarities (like Redwoods, the Donald Strachey mysteries, and Save Me) that I would watch again. And recommend.



Anonymous said...

The Older Man is gay porn icon, Ledermeister, from Colt Studio.

John said...

Thanks for the link :D

PNWReader said...

okay, you got me to watch it. i'd recommend it, too, but the recommendation would shock my friends. the lead is straight, which made me wonder if gay actors playing gay roles are untalented, badly directed or working with worthless scripts (chad allen as donald strachey excepted).

OreamnosAmericanus said...

I'm no longer activated one way or the other about straights playing gay roles. Didn't give it any thought here.

However...just as in Brokeback, where the 2 guys are not gay, ie not at all, at all, connected with the post Stonewall subculture, so it is with this guy in Strapped --like a lot of younger male prostitutes-- perhaps needed the sense of ambiguity, distance, otherness that would be harder to get if the actor were out? Glad u liked it, though.

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