Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Toronto barber shop won't cut women's hair on religious grounds:

I know Toronto, having lived there for 17 years. Its "LGBT" demographic has a deep strain of grim absolutism in it. I suspect that part of my eventual migration Right comes from the long-term effects of working inside that community and seeing what they can be like. Robespierre's children.

A few years ago, a gay group in Toronto forced a Christian publisher to print material that he found religiously offensive. Took him to court and won. After all, equality is equality, no? The fascinating thing about this Lesbian vs Muslims case is --no surprise to me-- that the comments show little sympathy with her. Some religions are more required to be equal than others.

Back in my Toronto days, I went to one of the many dreary "cultural competence" workshops I have been subjected to in my life. This time, accompanied by a young lesbian on the staff where I was the director, it was about the Caribbean blacks and their culture. The presenter rather off handedly joked about Caribbean men manhandling their wives. I looked toward the "baby dyke", as she was called. No response. So I, the dreaded White Male, explained to the man that this was Canada, not Jamaica, and assaulting your wife was a crime.

After the session, I asked the little blond activist why she had been silent. "Well", she said, "it's a different culture."

In the complex rules of the Church of Liberalism, race trumps everything else. You can force White Christians to toe your line, but a Black Muslim, well...diversity and all that.

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