Friday, November 02, 2012

Getting used to decay

I will probably be heading back East to visit in the next couple of months and I came across this old  set of post 9/11 reflections from Peggy Noonan about the security gauntlet that we must all now endure. And this was long prior to the technology that x-rays our privates for the TSA staff to look at...
Why this costly and harassing kabuki when we both know the facts, and would agree that all this harassment is the government's way of showing "fairness," of showing that it will equally humiliate anyone in order to show its high-mindedness and sense of justice? Our politicians congratulate themselves on this as we stand in line. 
All the frisking, beeping and patting down is demoralizing to our society. It breeds resentment, encourages a sense that the normal are not in control, that common sense is yesterday.

This analogy will not win me any friends, but it's like interning the entire population of the West coast during World War II, in order not to appear insensitive to the Japanese.

Back then, even an arch-liberal like Roosevelt and his Democrats had the balls to take strong action on behalf of the historic American people, but now our dickless masters and mistresses --it's hard to tell them apart sometimes-- subject their own people to humiliation simply in order not to be seen as "discriminating against" --a horrific world-class crime, as we know-- Muslims.

This is one of many signs that a nation has lost its will to live: fear of offending the people who hate it.


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