Friday, November 02, 2012

If he were White

this'd be raciss.

Non-Blacks --Whites and Asians especially-- are often quite wary of Black men, especially young and large Black men. Given the hugely disproportionate rates of crime perpetrated by (youngish) Black men and the thuggish hiphop-driven "gangsta" style that so many of them exhibit, it's not so surprising.

This post is the 3rd most popular of all time for my blog.
I suspect it has more to do with the picture than the text...

Although Black-on-White crime is grossly out of proportion to the populations, Black-on-Black violence is epidemic. Almost half the murders from 2000-2010 were of Blacks, and Blacks were the killers in the vast majority of cases, over 90%. The so-called "Gun Problem" in America is actually a "Young Black Male Problem." Check out the stats.

So here we have a blog by a Black man who admits to fearing muscular Black men. But read about his reasons why.

Probably not what you think.

[And shame on you, I say, if you think this post was just an excuse for the picture.]


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dude is JACKED!
Let's hope he lives to at least 40 to enjoy it.

If you're rich, MOVE OUT OF THE GHETTO!
Don't flaunt it - they will just rob you!

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