Monday, November 05, 2012

Coptics and Indians

The embattled minority in Egypt, its Coptic Christians, who just chose their new religious leader, (HT to Mr Blake) were once its majority. The word Copt comes from the Greek Aigyptios. The are, in PC, the Native Egyptians, and their worship is conducted in a dialect of the Egyptian language. By the time of the first imperialist and colonialist invasions of the Muslim Arabs in 639 AD, a mere 7 years after the death of the Religion of Peace's prophet, Egypt had been Christian for hundreds of years, along with most of the rest of the Eastern Roman Empire. Now they are perhaps 10% of the population and live at the whim and pleasure of the Islamic majority.

Like the Indians of what is now America, a native people were displaced by invading conquerors and are now aliens in what once was their homeland.

Guess what Ex Cathedra makes of that?


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