Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Alas, Dr Hanson

Victor Davis Hanson, for whom I have very great admiration, can't bring himself, however, to face the racially tribal realities of Obama's Transformed America. Even though he describes them accurately:
Yet the new emphasis on tribe is not necessarily a liberal vision. It ignores all human individuality and assumes that friendships, marriages, and alliances will not dare trump racial and ethic solidarity. Ours is now instead a Galadriel’s mirror of the Balkans, of India’s castes, of Rwanda, but no longer of a multiracial melting-pot America,

He can see what's happening but he doesn't like it. So he makes believe it's an illusion, or temporary. He's still a good White person.

When I eat lunch with a Mexican-American childhood friend, I feel no greater affinity with the white waitress by reason of our shared appearance; in the new America am I to high-five the white stranger in the Selma Wal-Mart, by virtue that, out of hundreds there, we two alone look more alike?  I am sorry; I just cannot accept that. I have far more in common with Steve Lara, my friend of 50 years, than a David Gergen or Chris Matthews.

I have to say, despite my admiration for him, that he is being naive. Where is the author of Mexifornia, who has described his own inland California farming area as reminding him of the Vandal-invaded North Africa in the 5th century? Who is doing the invading, Swedes? Because his feelings of connection with a few individuals had no effect whatever on the race-based coalitions that have kept The Catastrophe in power. Sorry, Dr. Hanson, but I am afraid you need to recognize the difference between individuals and groups. Romeo and Juliet were a touching couple, but the Capulets and the Montagus are the faces and bearers of history.

You've been deeply conditioned to believe the 60's dreams of Rainbow Freedom. But it has turned out very differently from the ads and the blatant propaganda (that still fills the airways with its lies and half-truths).

You are a White man, Victor, and your America is fading away. You'd better get used to it.

Works and Days » Too Few Oppressors, Too Many Victims:

PS. Update in late Dec 2012. He's letting himself see it bit by bit.

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