Thursday, November 29, 2012


to my strange dream.

What I did not say was the location of the dream. It took place in the post-American Northwest Republic. So I really had to be a straight guy just to exist there. Even my unconscious knew that.

This strange image reminds me of the individual/group, micro/macro structure in my brain and character. I have relationships with all kinds of individuals, the micro world, who belong to macro groups that I have come to see as inimical. Hell, I belong to one of them myself!

Non-Whites, Jews and gays are unwelcome, in terminal and no uncertain terms, on that fictional separatist and secessionist turf. No Obamas and Holders, no Alinskys and Chomskys, no Ex Cathedras.

And I get why. I do. For the same reason that Israel is expelling waves of Africans and has always used its immigration laws to make sure that it remains what it was founded to be, a Jewish homeland. If you are imagining a White homeland, by definition you don't want non-Whites. Simple. As for Jews and gays, both groups --small but disproportionately influential--are massively married to the deconstructive Liberalism which undermines Western --White-- civilization. Not nice. But not a mystery.

The estimable Victor Davis Hanson, despite suffering the direct and dire results of Mexifornia that he chronicles in his columns, refuses to let himself think that one of the most ancient and regularly repeating (and repeating and repeating) themes in human history --conflict between actual tribes, tribes of race and/or faith-- is repeating itself. Literally, in his own backyard.

He cannot bring himself to name this huge issue of race. Well, he can, but only to reject it out of hand because he feels more (micro) affinity with his childhood Mexican friend Steve than (macro) with the White waitress who serves them*. He is too good for that. Or as my grandmother used to say, too good for this world.

For an observant, learned and thinking man whose specialty is history, it is touching but also disappointingly naive. And for such a intelligent man, confused. In this world, micro is one thing. Macro is another.

I wonder if he asked Steve how he voted.


*I am reminded of the Balkans, where, in the midst of ancient group hatreds, Serbian Orthodox, Croatian Catholics, Bosnian Muslims, we heard stories of friendship and intermarriage between them. But when the macro level is activated, such micro realities are swept away. 


Stirner said...

You might find this vision of "New America" to be a bit less unpleasant.

The other Tales of New America are worth searching for on that blog.

OreamnosAmericanus said...

Thanks, I'll take a look at them.

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