Friday, November 23, 2012

Men in passing

Dropping by the local market to pick up some last minute Thanksgiving items, I found myself proximate to one of my favorite porn actors. (Yes, shock, I know.) Last time I actually saw him was in the same store, but several years ago. He no longer works on screen, --he's interning as a psychotherapist!--but he looks great. He not only had the looks and the physique, but a voice and an attitude to go with it. Very hot stuff.

And although the idea of Elementary, an English Sherlock Holmes in NY with an Asian female Watson, does not meet with my approval, if I forget that it's Sherlock and just take it as a crime-solver series, it's pretty good and I like it. The handsome lead was, unfortunately, once married to trans-racial global child-abductor Angelina Jolie. But he and Lucy Liu make a good team.

Johnny Lee Miller



Anonymous said...

I love your blog. I’m also a lapsed Catholic and a conservative. I appreciate how you venerate both the sacred and the profane. Jason Branch is also a favorite porn star of mine. Even his voice is sexy. I’m afraid that isn’t Branch kissing Blake Harper’s shoulder in the previous February 8, 2011 link, titled “Easy”. It’s Colton Ford. Blake Harper was first with Jason Branch, and then later with Colton Ford. He’s no longer with Ford either. All three of them had pretty good acting ability, aside from being great performers in porn.

DrAndroSF said...

Thanks! And you're right. I see it now. 'Twas Colton Ford in the 2011 link. Whom I worked out next to in a NYC gym a few years ago. A friendly Greek God statue come to life. And Jason's voice and bearing are a huge part of his appeal, I agree.

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