Monday, November 05, 2012

Dystopian declinists

That's what California gov Jerry Brown called opponents of his tax increase proposition. Ex Cathedra is proud to be named among them. (HT to B for that info, btw.)

In the 2008 election, some wag opined that the choice between Obama and McCain was between a catastrophe and a disaster. Obama vs Romney strikes me as suicide vs slower decline.

Some of men I know via the web are of the traditionalist Right. They proudly plan not to vote. Or to vote for Obama in order to accelerate the decline in hopes that it will hasten the day of societal collapse and open a way for something new. By which they mean something old. I am too old for that.

One criticism they make of conservatives is that they/we are Liberals Lite, simply resisting the alterations of contemporary liberals but acquiescing to or even embracing the alterations made by liberals in the past. Rejecting the liberalism of the 21st century in favor of the liberalism of the 1950's. They've got a point.

The triple engine of liberalism --which is now synonymous with leftism-- is "race, sex and class."
The other constant issues of environment, national sovereignty, religion and the use of force are handmaids to this trinity of cultural Marxism. It will not stop with any election. The culture wars will continue and, apparently, the Right will continue to lose them.

Once it has become settled and otherwise undiscussable truth that all racial groups are equal, that there is no significant difference between men and women, and that a very important role of the government is to control the economy and assure certain kinds of monetary benefits, all there can be is Liberalism, be it Lite or Heavy. Liberals will move three steps forward, then perhaps a conservative will take it one step back, but the drift is clear.

And if Romney wins this time --and it's a toss up, it seems-- demographics may make it the last time that anyone but a Democrat can be President. Racial "minorities", unmarried women, and disproportionately powerful but tiny groups like Jews and gays, the academe, journalists and the entertainment media, are solidly Democrat. Although Whites are still 2/3 of the population and more than 3/4 of actual voters, we are hopelessly split between parties. We are the only group who is.

Bill Maher is a man I loathe. I wish him ill. Were he on fire in the street, I would not pee on him to extinguish the flames. He recently described the Romney candidacy as "the last hurrah for the whites." Note the lingo. Post-60's Americans are exquisitely sensitive to nuances in language, as odd as that might seem. Consider the Ross Perot "you people" moment. Outrage. And what is Political Correctness but a detailed and dictatorial Newspeak language regime in service of the cultural Marxist agenda?

It is one thing to be edgy and, instead of African-Americans or the Black community, or even Black people, to say Blacks. But simply add a definite article and say the Blacks*, and people will notice right away that you are over the line. You have grievously othered part of us.

So not only is Maher's pleasure in this last hurrah evident, since he is a declared PC socialist, but he speaks about a soon-to-be minority group --to which he belongs-- as the whites. His words illuminate the minds of many: he is other to himself, and proud of it.

Race is the fundamental issue in American politics. Along with Sex and Money, of course.

An "America" whose fortunes depend on a government dominated by non-Whites and women can only decline and decline and decline.

The one of the most insidious victories of the Civil Rights movement is to have successfully made the above thought so deeply taboo that a Bill Maher can trumpet the destruction of his own people, be applauded for it by half of them,  and keep his job. And even White people who vote for Romney this time around will repress the very notion that it might be for racial self-interest, much less survival.

I think my credentials as a dystopian declinist remain secure...

*It is interesting that when people of the Hebrew persuasion use a famous line to help them decide on policy or action --Is it good for the Jews?-- they leave the article in there. Perhaps an indication of their ambivalence about belonging.


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