Thursday, July 05, 2012

My own private enantiodromia

Working with progressive dykes and socialist homos, etc. back in the AIDS days, I was subjected to the unholy trinity of race-sex-class analysis of everything. I used to think that it was very lopsided because it reduced individuals to their group.

Although I still make at least notional space for individuals and subgroups, I have to say that the lefty lesboz have finally succeeded with at least a part of my mind, which now sees in terms of groups, and the ideologies of race-sex-class.

Thanks, ladies.

Except that, of course, despite my homo-eros, true to my pathological male and middle-class and melanin-deprived condition, I have become a partisan of patriarchy, white dominance and wealth-creators. I am now your conscious enemy.

Unintended outcome, I'm sure.

1 comment:

Luciferino Sano said...

Your Own Private Inferno --- growing despite the economic downturn.

Keep up the good works.

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