Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Unseasonable thoughts

Minorities may* deserve protection, but not privilege.

We find ourselves in the odd position of increasing rule by minority-as-victim.

It is a flaw in the Constitution that allows tiny and vocal minorities to attack the cultural traditions of the majority: removing crosses as public monuments, forcing marriage to make gender irrelevant, fining Christian photographers for declining to work at a lesbian wedding, etc. Were it not for the First Amendment, there's no doubt that we'd have Euro-Canadian style "hate speech" laws which would only serve the group sensibilities of Sacred Minority Groups. Just ask the charming head of the US Civil Rights Commission, Black Female Mary Frances Berry:

"Civil rights laws were not passed to protect the rights of white men and do not apply to them."

My first conscious anti-Jewish feeling came at around age 12, when the local chapter of the ACLU, all of whose officers and reps had Jewish names, forced the town I lived in to take down the Christmas creche in the village square.

Sane and/or religious Jews, I would think, would have asked to put up a Menorah there during Hannukah rather than robbing the majority of a cherished holiday image. But the ACLU style is scorched earth, pretty well always to do to "majority/oppressor" culture what the Taliban did to those Buddha statues: desecrate and destroy. And then act the surprised victim of "prejudice" when people quite naturally resent the hell out them.

A news item today discussed the rising in anti-gay sentiment in Ukraine, in the face of a more activist gay push. Who should be surprised? If the Ukrainians look where the LGBT push eventually goes, why not nip it in the bud?

*I wrote may because the mere fact of being a minority is not a moral condition, despite the reflexive stance of liberals to such language. Any more than being the mother of an illegitimate child, a so-called "single Mom", makes you worthy of anything...except perhaps disapproval for a very stupid mistake that is likely to blight both your life and your child's. And you can bet your butt that when Whites become a racial minority in our own country at mid-century, there will be no moral capital assigned to us. We'll always be "the historically majority Whites." Ask Mary Frances Berry and her kind. It goes without saying that in Ex Cathedra's world illegal ...repeat, illegal...alien ...repeat alien...Latino invaders...repeat invaders... have no claim at all to a moral position.

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