Saturday, July 14, 2012


I hit my peak number of hits in late April, close to 15K a month, but now declining over the last coupla months to near 12K. I am aware that I have been commenting on race a lot more. I wonder if that has anything to do with it. Being realistic about race makes even conservatives very very nervous. Can you spell John Derbyshire? Or maybe the pix of men that consistently get the highest hits have been burned out, so to speak.

Liberalism, on most issues, is an unreal trance which requires its believers to see the world as the ideology thinks it should be rather than how it is. Liberal racial ideology --multiculturalism and the race-oppression narrative-- is certainly an unreal trance. And it is not innocuous, but rather designed to dismantle everything that has given Whites our power. Not to create equality but to replace us with UnWhite peoples. This is racial realism.

To the relentless legislative and social education program obsessed with dysfunctional and never-improving victim groups, we now have the spectre of White demographic minority in America. Yet the POCs continue the drum of racism, legacies, oppression, etc. etc. It is a war we are losing.

I wish the multiculti dream were true and we could have a rainbow happyland. But facts indicate otherwise. >And once you notice this, it's hard not to be very aware of it.

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Lester B. Real said...

You need more pictures.

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