Saturday, July 07, 2012

Transgressing again

I just read Anders Breivik's final statement to the Norwegian court. A little bumpy, but basically pretty clear: he believes he was acting against the despotic political caste who have been engineering the ruin of his native land and his fellow native Norwegians and their culture by means of mass third world immigration and enforced multicultural ideology.

A trenchant point: "...we fought for Tibetan rights and the Tibetan indigenous people, but in Norway it is not permitted to say that Norwegians have as much right to a homeland as the Tibetans, and that our rights are in fact equally important."

It may be shocking that I did this. After all, he admits bombing and gunning down scores of people.

Then I think of all the people who wear Che Guevara shirts or speak respectfully of Mao...or Mohammed.

When it comes to deaths, Breivik is a bush-league piker.

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