Monday, July 09, 2012

Without condoning the impulse

I can understand it.

A few months back, after reading the proposed constitution for a fantasied post-American White ethnostate, --a surprising mix of libertarianism, parliamentary democracy and national socialism-- I skimmed through the richly (overly?) detailed novels by the same writer. These described the lurching ups and downs of the revolution which leads to the existence and survival of such a country. And described the America from which the revolutionaries wished to separate themselves: not a pretty place. In fact, it is recognizably contemporary America ramped up to a nightmarishly dark version of its logical outcome. The violent rejection of America in the name of the values and the founding people of America was a bit of a shock. Oddly compelling in some ways, the books were also full of raw hatred and raw violence.

The Northwest Republic is a land created by ruthless ethnic cleansing, for which no apology is given but whose terribleness is frankly acknowledged as a one-time necessity. To the author, this is a basic matter of biological racial survival. Not only in America, but over the whole planet, the White populations are indeed shrinking fast. Along with any non-European descended people (including the Jews), homos of both sexes are eradicated without mercy. (I should note that once the borders of this new country in the American northwest are settled by treaty, all these folks are given time and opportunity to leave unmolested on their own. After that, only those foolish or arrogant enough to stay are erased.)

Sometimes I come across phenomena which make me "get" the why of such a fantasy.

It is a commonplace of the art of dream interpretation that sometimes, and I repeat sometimes, a dream allows us to enact primitive emotions and wishes that we could not allow ourselves to contemplate in our waking social world. Many years ago my life was upended by the vengefulness of a former friend. My only retaliation was in my dreams. And these included a telephone booth (remember those?), a baseball bat and his skull. Very satisfying connection, that was.

Despite my relative ease with violent language and fantasy, I am a very civilized guy. Or perhaps it is because of that familiarity. The "H8ful" language which our moral and intellectual superiors are so bent on banning and erasing is a highly evolved substitute for the direct bodily harm of sticks and stones. I can think of only one time in the last twenty years when I actually used unjoking physical force against another man. But the urge to attack does not surprise me. We are tribal and territorial animals, not God-controlled angels.

What provoked these thoughts was an article (HT to Bookworm) by an Israeli-American feminist professor about legal measures that might be instituted to force American males to support unwed women whose child they are carrying...absent, of course, any say in the behavior of said woman or the fate of her (not their) child, before or after birth. Preglimony.

To me, the levels of racial and gender insanity get so strange that I, a tribal and territorial animal and no God-controlled angel holding a university job in a perfectly fair world of universal love, can understand what I can't condone.


Anonymous said...

Preglimony? Sure - let's have equality!

First, mandatory paternity testing for all minors. In any instance where the woman had deceived the man as to who the biological father is, she is to pay him back every cent he ever invested in that child (whether or not he remains a father in some other way to that child).

Second, if a man wants a fetus aborted and a woman is neutral about it, the fetus is aborted. That seems fair.

Third, an immediate cessation of all adoptions and a return of adopted children under 21 to the custody of their biological parents. Since the biological parents are the real parents and need to assume the real responsibility, let's carry things to their logical conclusion.

Fourth, virginity tests for women. Because it is the role of the state to insure women and men get what they think they're getting when men and women have sex.


OreamnosAmericanus said...

It's moving and inspiring to see a true lover of Equality here at Ex Cathedra :)

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