Sunday, July 01, 2012

I made the mistake

of wandering through gay YouTube land.

The video title btw is his, not mine.

Now my stomach feels queasy.

My impressions: airlessly claustrophobic, same old same old same old, queens for days, and add to that an invincible sense of victimist privilege.

They work themselves into a froth of righteousness; any withholding of approval, approbation or agreement is condemned as "bigotry, ignorance and hate" and held to be indefensible and intolerable.

And the more civilly expressed, the more demonic is the difference considered to be. Gone underground. Hatred masked as "tolerance."

When I joked that in my post-American thought experiment, the LGBTQ city-state would turn out to be "Stalinism with wheelchair access", I was right.

Where's my Maalox?


Geoff said...

I watched the video and I would like to now know where to send my bill.

Anonymous said...

When did gay men go from the likes of Christopher Isherwood and Oscar Wilde to these flapping, inarticulate pre-teen girls?

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