Friday, July 13, 2012

Rolling models

I remember a class in high school....religion, I think, with our socialist priest teaching...where as part of our instruction in "social justice", the world was reduced to a village of 1000 people.  The usual: 40 people had most of the wealth and used most of the energy, etc.

There's a basic distortion between that model and reality. A tiny matter of scale. But it served its guilt-making purpose.

I am aware of the limit and tendentiousness of these kinds of models as I note that in a contemporary USA of 100 people, 13 of them take up (and drain) hugely disproportionate amounts of energy and money and psychic space and Sturm und Drang, while returning....what? 

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SoberingStat said...

In the village of 1,000 people, there are:

· 5 soldiers
· 7 teachers
· 1 doctor
· 3 refugees driven from home by war or drought
. 2 blogmeisters
. .000025 jungians

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