Monday, July 23, 2012

Important linguistic update

In her typically snippy (and funny) way, Ms. Kathy Shaidle's article in Takimag, called "4+3 Be What?" alerts those of us who want to remain Socially Conscious And Aware that there is a new nuance for us to learn:

Has the always entertaining Toronto District School Board outdone itself with its newly uncovered “Africentric Approach to Teaching Mathematics, Science, and Technology”? 
Some of you are tsk-tsking, “You mean Afrocentric!” with an almost audible sniff. 
Shows what you know. 
Progressives delight in constantly and arbitrarily reengineering the English language. This rigged game of musical chairs ensures that we reactionary racist rubes always land on our rhetorical butts. 
So when black Torontonians and their liberal enablers started clamoring for “Africentric” schools a few years back, the local paper was obliged to run a helpful sidebar explaining why the right word wasn’t “Afrocentric” anymore: 
“[I]t’s African-centered education, and there is no “o” in the word Africa,” said Dr. Patrick Kakembo, director of the African Canadian Services in Nova Scotia. “Why should it be Afro? That’s a hair-do.”

Now you know.

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