Monday, November 26, 2012

Natura naturans

Had a brief unpleasant altercation --I guess altercations are unpleasant by definition?-- at the gym today. Bottom line: testosterone and territory. Part of human nature, especially of the male kind.

And never letting any event or thought pass by unmined for a swipe at my betes-noires (OMG, that's raciss), I was thinking of how so many high-minded people who love Nature --organic food, global warming, secular kosher laws for garbage, "living Green" and closing down farmland to save endangered gnats-- have no such similar affection for Human Nature.

Granted, male aggression to defend territory might not be pleasant, but it's the condition for human existence. Without its own territory, no family has a home, no nation a state. Yet Liberals both raise the idea of Humanity to an unreal height and then try to shut down actual humanity whenever possible.

After all, who else gave us Zero Tolerance policies, and "There's no excuse for _____" and "It's never ok to _______."

The Church of Liberalism is so much like the Church it holds in such contempt, and precisely in those areas it feels so much superior: groundless belief and pious priggishness.


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