Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I enjoy Black and White movies, even the cheesy scifi flicks of the 50's. One of the pleasures of this past Thanksgiving was watching some of them while the Bird was in the oven.

Watching a contemporary version of a cheesy scifi flick but finding it far less appealing. Both the SyFy channel and The Asylum crank these things out by the dozens each year, but in color, and now with the very ambiguous help of computer graphics.

As a genre, the 21st century cheesy scifi flick adheres to the canons of the PC dreamworld and is a homeland for Phallic Females and Numinous Negroes by the score. In this one, congruently, the worst bad guy was a rifle-toting Redneck.

Fifty years hence, will anyone watch these efforts for pleasure while their Bird is in the oven?

It is common amongst cultural sophisticates to trash things like Leave It To Beaver as not representing the realities of family life in the late 50's. Compared to the torrents of fictional propaganda that now fill our screens, it was a documentary.


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