Thursday, November 15, 2012


A White Liberal is constitutionally incapable of seeing any non-White group as his enemy. The only group of people he truly allows himself to hate is that section of his own, White Non-Liberals.


Anonymous said...

Candidate for exception: Chinese bad (Tibean good). Mexicans bad (indigenous tribes good). The pattern of oppressor (oppressed) as the ONLY social structure holds.

- the Bishop of Portland.

Anonymous said...

Jew bad (Arab good). Or the reverse, depending.

- the Bishop of Portland.

OreamnosAmericanus said...

Your Grace is correct about the overarching frame of Oppressor/Victim.

But as for an enemy whom you hate, rather than a situational oppressor (Chinese, Mexican, Jew, etc) whose bad behavior you regret, I still think only other Whites evoke that kind of passion.

I would posit that the vast vast majority of American liberals hated (and hate) GW Bush far more than they ever hated Osama Bin Laden.

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