Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sticks and stones and words

Avuncular and apocalyptic American Nazi* Harold Covington has posted a section from his just-completed fifth and final volume of the NorthWest novels. He describes a North American future where Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Western Montana have, after a bloody war of secession, formed into an independent "Racist Entity" populated only by Whites. California and the West and Southwest have become the mestizo republic of Aztlan, while the remnant of the USA stumbles along on its well-deserved road to oblivion.

While Mr Covington's podcast persona is indeed avuncular, his books --by the nature of the apocalyptic genre-- are steeped in graphic violence, both of deed and word. Even for someone like Ex Cathedra, who recognizes PC lingo for the mind-control scheme that it is, the novels' intentionally regular, ordinary and casual use of very offensive words for non-Whites, Jews and gays remains, well, shall we say "noticeable."

In a liberal world, using such words comes off as basically ignorant, a sign of low intelligence and loser status. After all, who else uses them?**

Well, whatever you think of Covington's politics, he is clearly no dope. As I said, the offensive language is intentional. As intentional and purposeful as the hyper-polite and euphemistic words required by the multicultural regime. The words you use do have an influence on how you think...even on how you allow yourself to think.

A major purpose of the mind-forged manacles of the racial language code now in force is to require Whites to see other groups as not only equal to themselves (or better), but to disallow the very notion that these other groups can even be criticized, much less insulted. And what constitutes an insult has become a quite rarefied business. Liberals regularly discover hidden racist code words in any speech they dislike. Which is why Ex Cathedra won't use the code anymore. It's a rigged game.

In the wartime world of Covington's novels --and thereafter in the survivalist culture he imagines-- the purpose of normalizing what we now consider unsayable, even un-thinkable, is to require Whites to see these other groups only as inferior or inimical to them, and to disallow the very notion that these other groups can even be tolerated, much less humanized.

As uncomfortable as this makes for reading, isn't it just another Clausewitzian extension of war and politics by linguistic means? And after all, aren't liberals the great fans of the saying, One man's insurgent is another man's freedom fighter? To paraphrase Voltaire, if you wish know who your true masters are, find out who who are not allowed to criticize...or insult.

*Covington is a National Socialist, inspired by but not a replica of the German version. His model constitution is currently unique, I would guess, in combining race-based communitarian and republican governance --head of government with a six year non renewable term--with non-capitalist (usury's banned) free enterprise and an otherwise pretty local and libertarian style: low taxes, few laws, and no limit on an armed citizenry.

**Since the prohibited terms insult non-Whites, gays and Jews, primarily, the group most likely to use them would be White, straight and Gentile/Christian. Add to that the implication of low intellect and loser status and who do you have? The Redneck. Who now serves as the last permissibly contemptuous object of America's self-loathing. And yet, who is more uniquely American than the Redneck? The linkage is not an accident. Rednecks are an easy stand-in for White/Christian America, the object of all Liberal loathing.


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