Wednesday, November 07, 2012

One more example

of the embeddedness of Jungians in the fashions of feminism.
Prehistory, the archaeological evidence suggests, sees the move from "mother" centered religions of the earth as sacred, nurturing, and generative, to "father" dominated religions of a creator who alone, without woman as a generative power, created matter, earth, nature and "man" as separate from himself. The move from matriarchy to patriarchy was profoundly traumatic because of the perverse matter of founding involved. A male sky god creating without woman and without the body of the earth (now defined as woman) is shamed. Rejection of the feminine is rejection of origins in mother (earth), and the resulting shame is projected onto women in the form of the succubus, Lilith, Medusa, the "mother" that devours instead of creates.

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