Sunday, November 11, 2012

Suicide without bombers

For several years I have been wondering if there is any precedent in history for the current state of the West. America in particular.

If historians like Toynbee are to be believed, we would not be the first civilization to commit suicide. But I cannot find one that did it out of guilt.

Guilt at its own success.

And even more oddly, one whose sense of guilt only increased as it abandoned the religion which had taught it to feel so.

But of course, IMHO, the liberalism which supplanted it, which validates and accelerates the decay is a false but extremely powerful and effective faith, masquerading as rational and self-evident "human values."

Liberalism enshrines a selective, deracinated and decontextualized hyperChristian morality. It unmans its victims and disarms them of their capacity for natural self-interest and self-defense. In a cruelly distorted way, it teaches them to love their enemies so much that they are unable even to tell who their real enemies are.

When they die at their hands, they will blame someone else, probably themselves, and find peace as they cheer their murderers on.

After all, they just elected one of them.



DrAndroSF said...

Of course, guilt is not the only driver --greed, envy are big players--but without the guilt, the game could not be played, or at least played with such massive cooperation by those who are set up from the beginning to lose.

Turnip Ghost said...

Non-Conformity and Puritanism are Political Correctness's grandparents.
Why do you think this started in, and is strongest, in formerly Puritan New England and not Georgia or New Mexico? Or does well in Oregon and Washington State and not Utah or Arkansas?

DrAndroSF said...

Interesting you should mention that, TG. I recall reading someone earlier today who was correlating Democrat voting patterns with areas of Yankee immigration with the US.

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