Sunday, November 25, 2012

Liberalism as victimocracy

At the heart of liberalism is a passion for righting wrongs. In fact, it is an endless passion for searching out "suffering situations" and righting them, primarily by the power of the State and, hand in hand, by cultural control. There can be, in principle, no end to this search. Certain groups will always have victim status, regardless of their actual condition --and certain groups, regardless of their actual condition, will always be oppressors. And there will always also be New Worlds of victimhood to be discovered, celebrated --yes, celebrated-- and righted by State regulation and cultural control.

It can never stop.

Liberals are, at first, usually members of the majoritarian oppressor groups, either actual or honorary, who achieve superior moral rectitude --what St Paul calls "justification"-- by selflessly taking on this emancipatory religion. And a religion it is, a faith as much based on non-rational bases as any of the traditional world religions. Liberalism is a religion of political redemption, a toxic decomposition of Christianity given a disproportionate amount of help from secularized Jews and apostate Euros (including the increasingly bloodless American post-Protestant mandarin classes).

Its real difference is that it lies about this, aping hyper-rationality to cover its  fideism. And that its bases are more astoundingly foolish, since traditional faiths locate Utopia in the next world --the only place it could ever be--rather than in the next salvific government program.

When enough members of traditional majorities --aka, oppressors-- are converted to the Enlightened Heart and Mind of the new faith, what becomes inevitable is victimocracy: rule by victims.* Since Liberalism is a faith...I think I will always capitalize it from now on-- its victims are sacred. O salutaris hostia. To paraphrase Mr Burnham, in the presence of the Victim, the Liberal believer is morally disarmed, drops to his (or her) knees and offers worship: petition, adoration, thanksgiving and, above all, reparation.** As such, Victims cannot be spoken of except in terms of respect; anything else --indifference, criticism, much less blame or insult-- is the functional equivalent of blasphemy. It is no accident that Liberal societies repeal blasphemy laws and then institute hate speech laws.

One of the sites I have started reading this year uses an acronym, BRA. It means Black-Run America. I thought it was odd at first. After all, they're only 40 out of 315 million. But after a while I began to see the point. Not only was it a shorthand for the cities where Blacks gained enough demographics actually to put in power --always with the help of believing White Liberals-- a Black government (the outcome of which is always the same), but it noted the role of Blacks as American's primal Sacred Victims, who must placated, appeased, and celebrated. Just as any gods must. It was not only a matter of numbers, but of mind and heart, of The Faith. As The*** Victims of America, they rule the agenda of the Church of Liberalism.

Because in the religion of Liberalism, to paraphrase the kids, Victims Rule! And they will eventually rule the country.

*I looked for a Greek word to match the cracy part, but it was too complicated and confusing, so I lapsed into the easy hybrid of a Latinate-rooted English word with the Greek. Like meritocracy or homosexual. Plus, it makes for easier comprehension.

**The four kinds of prayer, from the Catechism. Bluntly put: Please. Wow. Thanks. Sorry.

***Archetypal White Liberal believer Professor Robert Jensen wants to locate our national Original Sin as the genocide of the natives. No liberal would deny that. But there are so few Indians left and they are so rural, that while they may have Honorary First Place in the Victimocracy, it's the Blacks that drive the agenda and serve to bring down the Old Order.

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