Friday, November 16, 2012

Benedict XVI is a liberal

Listen to this, from his speech to Interpol, about our "global village"
Benedict XVI then went on to reaffirm the fact that "violence in all its forms, whether crime or terrorism, is always unacceptable, because it profoundly wounds human dignity and is an offence against the whole of humanity. It is therefore necessary to combat criminal activities within the limits of moral and juridical norms, since action against crime should always be carried out with respect for the rights of each person and of the principles of the rule of law. The struggle against violence must aim to stem crime and defend society, but it must also aim at the reform and the correction of the criminal, who remains always a human person, a subject of inalienable rights, and as such is not to be excluded from society, but rather rehabilitated".
Ignoring the fundamental Christian doctrine of the fallen nature of man, he then continues to sound like Enlightenment Man and rings the bell of the utopian assumption of The Ever Brighter Future:
 Everyone has his or her particular responsibility in building a future of justice and peace.
Maybe when he retires he can get a job speechwriting for the Unitarian Church or the European Union. Such drivel. He'd learn a lot more by reading The Camp of the Saints.

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Leah said...

UGH, hasn't he heard of human nature? What kind of drivel is this? I love your suggestion about speachwriter for the Unitarian Church.

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