Monday, November 19, 2012

Moral insanity

That's the name of an old diagnostic category that shrinks no longer use. It was meant to describe people whose emotional life or behavior was bizarre but whose intellectual and cognitive faculties seemed normal. Not psychotic, but still mentally ill. They knew what day it was, did not think they were Napoleon or Jesus, and could do the multiplication tables, but acted nuts.

A cultural diagnosis for us?

Suppose that Mitt Romney had won the election this month. What are the odds that this would become a regular theme in the press:
since A. more than 90% of his support had come from Whites and  B. racial minorities had decisively rejected him and his Party by percentages ranging from 70%+ (for Hispanics and Asians) to (for Blacks) 95%, C. he had a huge moral obligation to reach out to them and prove that he was their President, too.

But when less than 4 in 10 American White voters pulled the lever for Barack Hussein Obama, who is asking him to prove to the majority of the American majority race that he gives a damn about them? Instead, has the question not been to ask what is their problem?

See diagnosis above.


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