Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Murphy Brown, continued

The single most powerful predictor of a dysfunctional life is unwed motherhood. Now fully 40% of babies born in American have unmarried mothers.

The 2010 breakdown by race, based on the CDC data:
  • Births to Black women: 72% unwed
  • Births to AmerIndian women: 66% unwed
  • Births to Hispanic women: 53% unwed
  • Births to White women: 29% unwed
  • Births to Asian women: 17% unwed

And even though, in aggregate, over half of these women have live-in partners at the time of birth, research shows that while they and their kids do better than children of women without partners, the children of unmarried partners fare significantly worse than the children of marriage.

So the next time someone says, "What harm could it do?", remember this.

Dan Quayle was right.


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