Thursday, October 25, 2012


HT to Bookworm, a pic set is making the liberal cyber-rounds, rather like those woodcut cartoons from the Reformation which contrasted the humble Christ with the corrupt Pope of Rome.

Jesus expelling the moneychangers from the Temple
The Pope counting his money*

And more to the point:

Christ at the Last Supper, washing His disciples feet.
The enthroned Pope of Rome having his feet kissed by his vassal nobles.

Here's the contemporary version:

Of course, like pretty well everything Obama-related, it is faux.

On the left, Rich White Guy Republican Romney has an underling shine his shoes. (Too bad the shoe shiner wasn't Black; that'd be perfecto). On the right, Mr. Cool Hand in Pocket Prez knocks knuckles with a fellow public servant. See? When the Bruthas are in charge, we'll all be pals.

Do I have to do this?

Yeah, of course, all Presidential candidates on campaign shine their own shoes. And churn their own butter. Like Barry Hussein shines his shoes...or has Michelle Antoinette do them?! This pic is just reality. As for the egalitarian bud behavior in the White House, it's faux. And embarrassing. Like Barry's faux Black preacher act. And revealing of the fakery in the Obama persona. This guy is the epitome of a socially constructed phenomenon. Black guys who --for reasons no one can figure out-- go to Columbia and Harvard are sure to be found just chillin' and kickin' it in the hood wit de homies. Yo. He's the g-d President of the (barely) United States, not your bro.

*I used to scandalize some of the more pious of the people when I was a pastor, people who wanted to solve every issue by asking What Would Jesus Do? Aside from the epistemological problems, I'd say that Jesus had a three-year career with a small and mobile band of disciples and he was completely in charge. Since he never had to run a parish, he was not a good role model.

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