Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Adventures in The Liberal Mind

The contemporary Liberal Mind is much influenced by post-modernism, which takes a highly skeptical attitude toward "truth", except, of course, the truth of post-modernism.

In this Lib PoMo mindset, one of the phenomena that creates skepticism about truth is the existence of competing teachings. For example, why should Christianity have a claim to truth, when the majority of humans subscribe to other religions? Or why should Western civilization, dominated by White Males, claim superiority over all the other cultures of the world?


Part of the weakness of this attitude, according to ExC, is that it take the mere existence of an alternative claim as sufficient reason to jettison an actual investigation into competing claims.

What never seems to come up for consideration is the question of why PoMo Liberalism should be the lens through which we view the world, since there are so many other viewpoints that assert quite different visions?*

Like most skepticisms, it is not at all skeptical about itself.

*Stephen Hicks has pointed out the oddity and regularity with which this skeptical attitude toward metaphysical truth is combined with a dogmatic passion for leftist politics. The very same people who found George Bush's "axis of evil" notion eye-rollingly primitive and unnuanced...after all, who's to say what "evil" is? One man's freedom fighter, etc...are utterly clear that White racism is the most evil force in history. End of story. 

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