Sunday, October 07, 2012

Multicult vs human rights

If you're in favor of both universal human rights and multiculturalism*, you're gonna have even more trouble than people who are in favor of both liberty and equality. Very uneasy companions.

*And like all liberal lingo, these are code words which never really mean what they appear to mean.

Ukraine is catching heat from the other White people for not cozying up to full expression for the LGBT community. Very backward of them.

Malawi's decision to decline to de-criminalize homosexuality is noted without outrage. Even the tolerant head of state who pardoned two men who were to be jailed for fourteen years for attempting marriage said that same-sex activity was still "a crime against our culture."

The story is in the BAR.

Backward cultures vs universal human rights. Are Ukrainians evil but Malawis just "other"? What's a multiculturalist human rights LGBTQ activist to do?

As I have said before, given how the LGBT agenda plays out over time --one minute you are getting the state out of the bedroom and the next minute, as in France, you are erasing the categories of husband, wife, father and mother in order to be inclusive-- who can blame places like Ukraine or Malawi from not signing on for that ride?

And after all, if it's against their culture, who's the imperialist who's gonna gainsay them?

The trouble with Progressives is that progressing is all they know how to do. It's never enough.


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