Monday, October 22, 2012

Joking among the ruins

I just watched Romney's routine at the Al Smith dinner. Surprisingly funny...and pointed. Lots of zingers for Obama. I especially liked the Sesame Street line, President Obama, brought to you by the letter O and the number 16 trillion. And his imagining Obama's advice to Pope Benedict when he had problems, to blame everything on Pope John Paul. Bazinga!

I have no illusion that if Romney is elected, All Will Be Well. No one is as talented at squandering opportunities as the Republicans. But I'd sure love to hear the sound of the White House back door smacking Michelle's ass on her way out, hubby in tow. Then they could get on with the business of raking in speaking fees and becoming part of the 1%.

NY Archbishop Timothy Dolan's remarks contained one line that says all too much about the state of his Church. He joked that the Pope had given him a message to relate to the two candidates, but since it was in Latin, "he didn't understand a word." Imagine, a Cardinal of the Roman Church not knowing a word of Latin. As the Prophet Jeremiah said, "Oy."

I skipped O's speech, because Sister Mary Immaculata told us in second grade to avoid occasions of sin. 


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