Monday, October 01, 2012

Legally blind

The Acton Institute is a rare little outcropping of Catholic thinking that takes non-socialist-leaning attitude toward so-called "Catholic Social Teaching". One of its priest-founders has actually written a book defending capitalism on moral grounds.

And the folks there sometimes have good things to say. One of their fellows points out the fundamental differences in belief about human nature that divide liberals from conservatives.

But when it comes to race, they are unable to let themselves see things realistically. The same fellow who chides liberals for being blind to the roles that authority, sanctity and tradition play in human nature is himself unable to imagine that the state of Black and Latino communities in the US has anything to do with race or ethnicity. It's class, he asserts, not color, while condemning what he calls the New Racism: "the idea that minorities cannot survive without Whites."

That would be a fascinating experiment to try...

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