Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cyber hyper

I got stupidly caught up in a cyber problem yesterday afternoon. Some ad program infected my browser and started showing up in my blog as underlined words that led to a coupon. I did everything could think of to find the program and delete it: term search in Explorer for the whole C drive, a deep search by my current anti-virus/malware program and then downloaded another anti- virus/maleward program and did another 90 minute deep search, emptied the cache and cookies, deleted background programs, and wandered without success through the online forums. Until 5 minutes before my dinner guest arrived--and at this point I was getting anxiety pains in my chest-- I found a note in a forum that blamed a totally unrelated program, a fast torrent download app. When I disabled it, the invading coupon program disappeared.

But now Blogger still asks me to Sign In when I have already signed in. I have access, but have lost the capacity to directly edit the blog from the view screen.

My dinner guest asked it I were going to upgrade my OS to Windows 8.

Yeah, sure.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Number of Windows viruses: 17.7 million.

Number of Mac viruses: 26.

Mac-using (and linux using) Portland Friend

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