Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Is it me?

Via my FB friend Geoff, I just watched Lady Gaga for the first time, really. Her song Born This Way.

I gotta say, it was disgusting.

Visually, Grand Guignol on steroids. She makes Madonna look like a Presbyterian.

Her pompous cosmogony myth preamble. And the lyrics. 90% unutterably stupid and, well, just wrong.

Am I really that old?

My stomach hurts.



Turnip Ghost said...

You didn't even like the unicorn with a pink neon triangle? Wow.

Anonymous said...

Any pop songs that you do like? Or is that too unmanly?

USMaleSF said...

On my own, I listen to country music and classical music. My only access...by choice...to pop music is whatever they play at the gym.

Nothing comes to mind. Never thought of it as a manliness issue.

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