Tuesday, October 09, 2012

More post-racial hope and change

A Black education and Black studies professor at Columbia, my alma mater, and, according to his own website "one of the youngest members of the growing body of Hip-Hop Intellectuals (!!!!!!!!!) in the country," celebrated Columbus Day by publishing a list of overrated Whites. Like Shakespeare. Yeah, no Snoop-Dog, he. One more pitiful attempt to make Blacks look good by criticizing Whites and our civilization.

The Civil Rights Movement. Such a win-win. (Maybe we should mark Juneteenth with a list of overrated Blacks...)

My thought experiment, A Day Without A Caucasian, still stands.

Just for starters.
There are 40 million Blacks in America.
Only 32,000 of them are physicians.

You do the math, hip-hop doc.

Endlessly whining about how The Man keeps you all down. The truth is that without the Man hold you up, you'd sink like a stone.

Without us, it'd be "Next Stop, Detroit" for all of you.

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