Saturday, October 06, 2012

Fun and fantasy

Andrew Klavan is a thriller novelist and political commentator. His Colombo-style videos, Klavan On The Culture, make me laugh. And today, in his piece on Obama as blank screen for multiple projections, he describes very well why I have become so distrustful of, nay, quoth he, contemptuous of, our MSM. As advocacy journalists seeking to "make a difference" they have all

...devoted themselves to fashioning an image of the world they think their audiences ought to believe in...

Purveyors of moral fantasy propaganda.

And it is not just the "news" media, but those who make our movies and our television shows, who create our (increasingly unread) magazines, the armies of talking heads who instruct us in what is acceptable to think or say or do and what is not.

Among other cartoon images, the world they make up is the dreamworld of multicultural and feminist progress, full of Numinous Negroes and Phallic Females who either implicitly or explicitly put the White Man in his well-deserved and very secondary place.

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Anonymous said...

The movie Independence Day was a mild forerunner. Although the hero president was a white guy, he couldn't have saved America and the world without the blacks and the Jews.

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