Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Before 9/11

The Muslim jihad had us in its sights but we didn't understand it. Most of us still don't. That would be raciss.

When I think of the 1984 Beirut Marines bombing, I always think of Father Ihanye, our Nigerian confrere, big on social justice and "the precious name of Jesus." When the news report came on about this bombing and the deaths, he jumped up out of his chair and clapped. He's the same paragon of the RC "preferential option for the poor" --where do they come up with this kind of tortured lingo?-- who blithely justified Nigeria's 1983 expulsion of a million Ghanaians on the grounds that "they're all thieves."

Perhaps some of my contempt for "social justice" types stems from that particular sociopath. Seems I am not alone.


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