Thursday, October 04, 2012

On the gender front

A sexual difference.

How many times have you seen scenarios where an angry/hurt/offended/disappointed/etc female has to be placated by her male with a verbal apology --even if she doesn't deserve it and he doesn't mean it--- and some kind of purchased object as a sacrificial offering: jewelry, flowers, candy, etc?  Endlessly repeated theme.

This never happens when a man is angry with a woman.

If a woman wants to make up --and how often do you see that narrative?-- she makes herself sexually available. Or cooks --if she knows how anymore-- his favorite food.

The nature of the opposite sexes, revealed.


1 comment:

PNWReader said...

So does that mean gay couples resolve conflict with food and sex orgies and lesbian couples with reciprocal prostration and retail therapy? I infer you mean that men are placated with the satisfaction of appetites and women with the affirmation of status.

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