Monday, October 08, 2012

Escaping from human nature

and the human condition is what liberalism is all about.

Just a slomo version of all the utopianisms that try to immanentize the eschaton*, or in plainer English, build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

It always ends in blood and tears.

*I cannot forego the opportunity to point out the bluntly incoherent reading of Gnosticism made popular by Eric Voegelin. If the world is, as Gnostics believe, inherently disordered and tragic --note the adverb-- then a program of utopian reform is the last thing Gnostics would undertake. For Gnosticism, the world is hopelessly unfixable. It was created broken and cannot be repaired. Voegelin's list of so-called Gnostic projects of bringing heaven to earth is a cheap lie.


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