Thursday, October 18, 2012

Still hard at it

As per my previous post, Obama ---btw, I still can't really believe that America elected some guy named Barack Hussein Obama...that alone is a bellweather of decline-- Obama gets no slack, individual though he be. He is the incarnation of everything I loathe.

A quote from a site rightier than thou...I mean me.
The real contest here is not Romney vs. Obama, it is Television vs. Reality. We have to notice how everything changes utterly once it is put within the framework of a TV screen. The President looked “authoritative,” he was “confident,” he had “great answers,” he fought back with determination. Meanwhile back in the real world, without a script, this same man fails at every point. This TV Personality President has no grasp of reality as it actually exists. He does not stand outside his received opinions even for a second. He plays a “Great Leader” on TV but hasn’t the slightest understanding of the country he leads. At every point events defeat him, but he never learns. Nothing is corrected or modified, no amount of pain inflicted means anything. Instead he grows only more determined to defeat reality. Arab Spring can be a success if we will only sacrifice more. Islam is the Religion of Peace equal to Christianity, let’s not be distracted by the piles of dead. Social Justice is just one more tax, one more government program away from being realized. Universal Equality is the highest goal even if we have to destroy the economy and every human distinction to achieve it. Yes, Obama may win the TV debate, but as the glow of the screen fades, reality closes in, accompanied by a sickening dread. 

One hesitation. He "hasn’t the slightest understanding of the country he leads." It elected him. And may do it again. At which point one must ask what is the nature of the country...

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