Tuesday, October 23, 2012


In a terse example of that combination of superiority and grimness that characterizes Jungian thought*, Robert Johnson once wrote that the world is not supposed to work; all it can effectively do is create consciousness.

And of which Ex Cathedra hopes to be a shining example.


Italians are virtuosi in matters of food, art and design and architecture, enjoying themselves (while lamenting everyone else), and sex and family. But when it comes to government...An Italian court has sentenced six scientists from the National Commission for the Prevention of Major Risks...yes...to six years in prison for not warning the residents of l'Aquila about the 2009 earthquake. 

How do you say scapegoat in Italian?

As I was emerging from sleep this morning, I was thinking about the scene in Last of the Mohicans where Daniel Day Lewis shoots the British office who is about to be slowly roasted to death by the Noble Savages. For whom, by the way, this kind of prolonged torture was a cherished custom.

And then I had a thought about making infant male circumcision illegal. Before I even woke up.

I have to post here, you see, just to prevent further mental deterioration...

Re the drive to criminalize the circumcision of minor males. It is based on a variety of things, partially a hatred of traditional religion...and probably of traditional anything unless it's AmerIndian or otherwise exotically non-White..partially revenge for a supposed diminution of sexual pleasure for the circumcized..and partially the assertion of a conception of the self as an atomized and completely independent abstraction. A site of supposedly free choices and nothing else.

But the effect of such a law, say, on Jews, would be to effectively destroy the community into which these boys are born, so that when they come of age at the magical number of 18, there would be no reason for them to choose the ancient rite. Even aside from the increased pain at that age.
The unfolding logic of this conception could lead to litigation about being forced to speak a mother tongue without choice, even being raised in any religion (with or without foreskin) sans choice, etc. You may say that is ridiculous, but fifty years ago, who would have believed the torrents of absurdity which now pass for common sense?  Human folly is unfathomable.

With traditional communities destroyed in the name of the Independent Self and its ever expanding repertoire of "human rights", the only source of power and identity left would be, of course, The State and its acolytes, the only "community" left at all.


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Tarquin said...

Scapegoat in Italian = capro espiatorio. You never know when that might come in handy.

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