Sunday, January 23, 2011

Yet again

Another History Channel series on, guess what, Hitler and the Nazis. Sometimes you'd think it was the only thing that ever happened in modern times.

Its difference is that it is largely composed of personal films, so these are different images from the ones we have seen over and over.

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Leah said...

History Channel = Nazis and Hitler, tells me more about them than the Nazis.
Btw, PBS American Experience has a 3 part on the civil War, Lee, Grant and the aftermath.
Have only watched R.L.Lee, I'm sure they think they being fair, but the massive amount of blame laid at Lee's feet for taking the side of the South was too much to bare.
After visiting the south, I am amazed and thankful that they came back into the fold and if anything can save us - it may just be the South.

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