Saturday, January 29, 2011

More nun sense

I knew these girls back in the 80's, part of a disastrous attempt
to create a single male-female community.
The Mother General was one tough dude.

We Dominican
Preachers of Adrian
impelled by the Gospel
and outraged by the injustices
of our day
seek truth;
make peace;
reverence life.
Stirred by the Wisdom of God
and rooted in our
contemplative prayer,
communal study and life in community,
we challenge heresies of local and global
domination, exploitation, and greed
that privilege some, dehumanize others,
and ravage Earth.
We confront our racist attitudes
and root out racist practices
in our lives and systems.
We confront systems
where women are denied freedom,
equality, and full personhood.
We walk in solidarity with people
who are poor
and challenge structures
that impoverish them.
We practice non-violent peacemaking.
We promote lay leadership
and shared decision-making
for a renewed Church.
We live right relationships with
Earth community.
We claim the communal authority
and responsibility of our
Dominican heritage.
We commit ourselves
to live this vision.

Our vision continues
to impel us
as contemplative
ecclesial women,
global citizens,
and humans in God’s
unfolding universe:
We commit to live simply and sustainably
for the sake of the whole
Earth community.
We commit to study worldviews
and emerging theologies
informed by science
and our suffering world.
We commit to open our hearts to the other
and deepen our understanding
of diverse cultures and beliefs.
We commit to claim our moral authority
to speak truth in Church and society
in the spirit of Catherine of Siena.
We call one another
to mutual accountability
and transformation.

Aside from memory and personal history, I remain interested in things like this as part of my reading of how liberalism shows itself in religion. You can read the multiculturalism, feminism, redistributionism, environmentalism, pacifism and transnationalism very easy*. Secularism not so obvious because this is a group of religious people, but my guess is that the center of gravity lies outside the religious sphere and that various forms of spirituality and liberation would trump any actual denominational identity.

*Oops. Shoulda been an adverb. From an 1893 California State textbook for children 11-14:

Lesson 146
Rules for the Use of Adverbs, and Cautions.
1. Do not use adjectives for adverbs, nor adverbs
when quality, not manner, is meant.
2. Do not repeat or exaggerate the idea.
3. The rules under adjectives, relating to the use of
comparatives and superlatives, apply also to adverbs.
4. Be careful to place adverbs where they will make
the meaning clear and the sentence smooth.

And if you can stand it, more of this on a national level. Notice Whose Name is missing from this opening ceremony?


Anonymous said...

"Liberalism" or not, this is an expression of frustrated thumos, spiritedness -- the will to dominate presented as servanthood and obedientness, which is an old way of getting around Jesus' Beatitudes which feel indeed like restrictions on spiritedness. ... Obviously the military-industrial complex had no cause to fear this sort of "challenge," and the actual poor had no cause to suppose they would receive any benefit. But it can remove charisma from the "structures" known as the Church.

OreamnosAmericanus said...

Ouch! BTW I have always thought of the Christian, especially Catholic, social justice types as crypto-Constantinians: imposing their religion on state and society, but this time, supposedly, from the bottom. Or the margins!

Anonymous said...

Them: "Margins, bottom, we don't care what the foundation is as long as the moral olympus [high ground] marches to our damn tune!"

Anonymous said...

Alas, though, practically irrelevant moral high ground gives Gelassenheit to all the stuff they supposedly condemn. Which is satisfying for them, because they can say "Told you so!"

OreamnosAmericanus said...

Reading their stuff over again...such inflation.

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